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Case Drain Monitor

Case Drain Monitorcase drain monitor

For 1/2"- 1" Pipe Sizes

Style C

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Lake’s Case Drain Monitor is an affordable option to using a standard flow meter for case drain applications. It offers a flow measuring accuracy of ±5% of range that can help confirm pump performance, identify required maintenance and reduce costly MRO down-time associated with unpredictable pump failure.

Designed for convenient vertical, horizontal and inverted installation, the monitor has a sealed window tube that makes it ideal for outdoor/exposed applications and where wash-downs may be required.


Materials of Construction (Wetted Components)

High-pressure casing and end ports


O-Ring Seals


Transfer Magnet

PTFE coated Alnico

Floating Orifice Disk

Stainless Steel

All other internal parts

Stainless Steel

Materials of Construction (Non-Wetted Components)

Window Tube

Polycarbonate (STD)

Window Seals


Buna-N is a registered trademark of Chemische Werke Huls


Measuring accuracy:

±5% of full-scale


±1% of full-scale

Flow measuring range:

Up to 30 GPM (10:1 Turndown)

Pressure differential:

Click here for specific pressure differential graphs.

Maximum operating pressure:

1000 PSIG (70 Bar)

Maximum operating temperature:

240°F (116°C)

Filtration requirements:

74 micron filter or 200 mesh screen minimum

Mechanical Size Code
basic in-line CAD


Series 3

Series 4


1-7/8" (48mm)

2-3/8" (60mm)


6-9/16" (167mm)

7-5/32" (182mm)

Port Sizes

NPTF: 1/2"

NPTF: 3/4", 1"

SAE and BSP porting also available. Contact Lake for more information.

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