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Lake MonitorsFounded in 1989 by Jack E. Lake, Lake Monitors is one of today's leading manufacturers of inline flow meters, switches/alarms, transmitters and hydraulic test analyzers for closed loop piping systems.

Lake’s high-quality, low-cost flow monitoring products can be utilized in either compressed gas or liquid systems to ensure proper volumetric flow rates of coolants, purge gasses and lubricants.

Successfully serving the fluid power, flow control and processing markets, Lake Monitors offers a distinctive
advantage over the competition.


Whether determining the best flow monitoring solution for a specific application, providing general product information or offering order assistance, Lake’s customer service is second to none!


Our every day low prices and quantity discounts make it hard to find a better deal. Lake’s prices are considerably and consistently lower than the competition’s.


Lake prides itself in getting product out the door. Besides great standard lead times, Same Day Express is offered on more popular products. Click here for more information on Standard and Same Day Express shipping.

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