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Flow Meters

Lake’s flow meters offer more features and benefits at considerably lower prices than on other flow meters on the market today. In addition to being competitively priced, most of our flow meters offer:

  • The flow meters are accurate, dependable flow monitoring in operations up to 6000 psig and flow rates of up to 150 GPM
  • Unrestricted mounting allows for vertical, horizontal or inverted installation
  • Rugged, reliable construction to withstand outdoor/exposed applications and frequent maintenance wash-downs
  • Aluminum, brass or stainless steel materials of construction for compatibility with most fluids
  • Industry-leading Five Year Warranty on most flow meters.

Basic Inline Flow Meters
FlowStat High Temperature Flow Meters
Phosphate Ester Flow Meter

Basic Inline Flow Meters

Ideal for accurately monitoring pump performance and media flows through hydraulic circuits and sub-circuits.

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High Temperature Flow Meters

Enables flow monitoring of barrel heating fluids, thermal transfer fluids such as Syltherm® coolant flows through heat exchangers, as well as flows through hydraulic circuits and sub-circuits with elevated temps.

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Phosphate Ester Flow Meters

Compatible with aviation lubricants such as Skydrol®, as well as fire-retardant fluids such as Pydraul®, Fyrquel® and Houghton 900® Series.

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Pneumatic Flow Meter
Bi-Directional Flow Meter

Pneumatic Flow Meters

Ideal for monitoring air compressor outputs, pneumatic tool air consumption and industrial gas flows.

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Bi-Directional / Reverse Flow Meters

Lake's patented technology offers true bi-directional flow measurement for liquid, air or gas monitoring applications. Reverse flow meters are also available.

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