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Special Designs and Custom Applications

Custom Flow Meters, Alarms, Transmitters And AnalyzersIncorporating more than 20 innovative and unique design features, Lake Monitors’ products are superior in quality to any other monitor available on the market.

As far as innovation goes, Lake currently holds several patents and has patent protection on more than 8,000 configurations for flow meters, alarms, sensors and hydraulic test analyzers.

For convenience and quick shipping, Lake stocks a wide variety of product configurations. However, customers frequently require products that are customized to meet special designs and applications. And Lake delivers. Its technical services department will work with engineers to develop exactly the right flow meter product to meet specifications and provide the best flow monitoring solution.

Contact Lake for more information about special designs, custom applications or technical assistance.

Flow meter with customized port for use on military vehicles as part of a power steering alalyzer.

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